Bill Payment Options

By Mail

The REMC provides envelopes for payments to be returned. Payments are delivered to a post office box and our bank processes the payments. This process allows payments to be posted to your account as soon as they are received.

On-line through SmartHub

One of the most convenient ways to pay your bill, get account info, and see your energy use is through our online SmartHub portal and mobile app. SmartHub also allows you to choose from these payment options:

  • 1-time payment online

  • Automatic Bank Draft

  • Recurring Credit Card payment

Get more info about SmartHub.

Auto Bank Draft

Automatic Bank Draft is an automatic payment program that pays your monthly electric bill from the financial institution and your checking account automatically. Automatic Bank Draft is a free service from Orange County REMC. Click here for the Authorization Form.

Drive through window

Open daily from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. for those people that move in the fast lane and like the convenience of paying from your car. With our headquarters located right on Highway 337 there are many folks that use this convenience.

Night depository

Drop off your payment after hours and leave it in the night depository located by the drive through window. Remember to enclose the return portion of your bill and please, no cash.

Due date extension

If the due date on your bill falls before your monthly social security check arrives, due date extension can help by deferring your bill amount until after your social security or retirement check arrives. Payment is deferred until the sixth day of the month without a late charge. Complete this due date extension form and return it to the REMC to take advantage of this service.

Critical account watch

Members who depend on electricity for respirators, oxygen machines, etc., can be placed on our critical account watch. 

Seasonal bill forwarding

For our snowbirds who head south for the winter months or other seasonal travelers, the REMC will forward your monthly bill to the address you provide. No need to worry about missing a payment or paying late fees. Contact our office with your forwarding address.

Variable Budget Billing

Variable Budget Billing is based on an average of the current month plus previous 11 months of patronage and taxes. Other charges and security light billings are billed in addition to the average monthly patronage and taxes. Because this type of budget billing is based on the current, plus previous 11 months, there is no "settle up" month.

For more information, email us or call (812) 865-2229 or (888) 337-5900.