New Service Info

New Service for an Existing Property​

When moving to an existing residence or structure located with in the service jurisdiction of Orange County REMC, you will need to contact our office to schedule a day to have the electric service transferred into your name. At that time we will need the following from you:

By law we have three working days to complete a transfer request, but typically service can be connected the next business day. Emergency service restoration due to storms or natural disasters takes priority over new service connections.

New Service for New Property

When connecting a new service at a new property, you will need to contact our office to schedule an appointment with an REMC staking engineer. At that time we will also need the following from you:

Remember to call 1-800-382-5544 to have utility location marked before you dig. For more information about this FREE service, go to Indiana 811.

PrePaid Electric Service for New or Existing Property

Orange County REMC’s Prepaid Electric Service program allows members to structure energy payments in a way that best fits their need. The program allows members to view their daily electric use online and receive notifications about the status of their account by telephone and/or email. The PrePaid program also eliminates the requirement for a deposit.

Individuals must become members of Orange County REMC by completing an application for service and paying a $25 refundable membership fee. Members must pay all applicable fees and charges prior to commencement of the service.

Members receiving service under the Prepaid Electric Service program will NOT receive a monthly paper bill, but can check their account balance by phone or online.

For more detailed information about the Prepaid Electric Service, please download the contract. This document explains the application process and requirements for this service.