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  • Indiana Connection Magazine | ORANGE COUNTY REMC

    INDIANA CONNECTION MAGAZINE Indiana Connection is unlike other magazines you may have come across. Though our content celebrates the rural and suburban Indiana lifestyle — with topics ranging from Indiana travel, cooking, dining and hobbies — it also includes advice on how to stay safe around electricity and how to trim your energy bills. Plus, you have access to the latest news about issues important to you as a consumer of Orange County REMC. ​ Over 300,000 Hoosiers from all over the state receive the magazine, which is published by Indiana Electric Cooperatives, through their memberships in their electric cooperatives. Just a membership in community-focused electric co-ops inspires loyalty and grassroots involvement, Indiana Connection has that same overwhelming support from its readership. Learn more about Indiana Connection Celebrating the people, places, food and travel experiences that define the Hoosier state. Read More 2024 January February March April May June 2023 January February March April May June July August September October November December 2022 January February March April May June July August September October November December Archives


    Outages Are you experiencing an outage? You can view the areas affected by outages by using this map. OUTAGE MAP Outage Map Learn what substation your power is being fed from. Planned outages will be posted on this map. SUBSTATION MAP Substation Map Report an Outage Report by Phone When you report the outage from the phone number that is listed on your account, the Outage Management System will confirm your number to verify the outage location. If you are calling from a different number, the system will ask you to enter your account's phone number or account number. Your account number can be found on your bill. Orange County REMC's Outage Management System will receive your call. The Outage Management System immediately updates our outage recording system and allows for fewer busy signals and less wait time for member. 855-865-2229 Report Online via SmartHub Report your outage via SmartHub on your mobile device or desktop. ​ SmartHub is a mobile and web application that allows you to: View and change account information Monitor and analyze your electric usage Make payments all from your mobile device or computer Set-up recurring credit card payments and sign up for bank draft SMARTHUB LOGIN Outage Tips Outage Tips Check your breakers and fuses to ensure the problem is not within your system. Call Orange County REMC as soon as your power goes out. Do not rely on neighbors to call. Have an emergency kit ready. This kit should include items to get you by for a couple days should an emergency strike. See here for a list of items to keep in your kits . Never go near downed power lines! The lines may still be energized and are very dangerous. Limit the times you open the refrigerator or freezer. Food will remain frozen for up to 48 hours if the doors remain closed and the unit is in good working condition. Appliances and electronics are extremely sensitive to electrical spikes from lightning or other faults. If able disconnect from the electrical source. OUTAGE SAFETY Common Outage Causes Common Outage Causes Weather Weather is probably the most well-known reason for power outages. It’s also the most common. Storms can knock down trees and tear down power lines and strong winds or flooding can damage co-op equipment. Wind and thunderstorms can be a cause for concern as well as a winter ice storm. ​ Animals Small animals also cause power outages. Squirrels, in particular, are notorious for climbing on electrical equipment and causing outages. Raccoons, foxes, possums, snakes and birds can also trigger disruptions. Even larger animals, such as bobcats, have been known to cause problems on electric poles. ​ Planned Outages Orange County REMC must make upgrades or provide routine maintenance to the electricity infrastructure. We will call those affected with the time they will be without power. It is important to keep all numbers updated. With planned outages you get the benefit of knowing the power will be out in advance, as well as an estimate for how long. ​ Winter Storms: Prepare for Outages Preparing for winter storms If an approaching winter storm is the lead story on your nightly news, it’s probably chaos at the local... Winterizing Safety Winterizing your home before the bitter chill Is your home and its electrical service ready for winter? The best time to find out is long... Don't Underestimate the Risk of Overloads It’s a common problem for most of us: relying on a handy dandy extension cord since we have so many devices and not enough outlets to... Galloping Lines Windy, Icy Winter Storms and Galloping Lines It’s winter in Indiana. That means storms with wind, snow and ice. When high winds and ice... Overhead Line Safety Overhead line safety – when in doubt, look up and out! Whether you’re on the job or working on an outdoor project around your home, you... Understanding Your Home's Electrical System Familiarize yourself with your home’s electrical system A lot of people won’t plug in their new TV or toaster without reading the... 1 2 Follow Us on Facebook for Updates


    We Would Love to Hear From You! Contact Us Use this form for INTERNET Contact Us Tech Support Fiber Service FAQs How Can We Help? Inquire about service availability Sign up for fiber (for non-members) Sign up for fiber (for OC REMC electric members) Sign up for wireless Other Submit Thanks for contacting us! Use this form for ELECTRIC Contact Us Electric FAQs Submit Thanks for contacting us! You can drop applications off at our office, mail it to us, or or submit it by email to . Main Office Building 1 7133 State Rd 337 Orleans, IN 47452 Mailing Address PO Box 208 Orleans, IN 47452 Phone Numbers (812) 865-2229 Toll Free: (888) 337-5900 Fax: (812) 865-2061 Outage: (855) 865-2229 Operations/Materials Building 2 & 3 8390 N State Rd 37 Orleans, IN 47452 Office Hours Monday - Friday 7:00am - 4:00pm Holiday office closings Jasper Office 124 Staat Strasse Jasper, IN 47546

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  • Love At First Sight

    Career Success Story Hannah Carter - Orange County REMC's Human Resources and Benefits Administrator For Hannah Carter, it was love at first sight, and it all started the summer after her high school graduation. An internship at Orange County REMC blossomed into a full-blown career. “After that first summer working here, I told my mom I wanted to work at the co-op. I wanted to stay there full time,” she said. Now, Carter is the human resources and benefits administrator at the REMC. And she says she’s in this relationship for the long haul. Carter said her internship gave her a complete education in the workings of the cooperative. “I started working out front as a member services representative. I took payments and ran to the bank and post office every day. And then I did a little bit of all the tasks. I helped with the annual meeting. The longer I was there, I was able to do service orders, take phone calls, and walk customers through high-bill complaints and things like that. They threw me into anything and everything. I helped with some of the operations. I would work outages in the night.” After her first summer at the REMC, Carter went to the University of Southern Indiana, where she began working on her human resources and business management degree. She continued interning at the REMC through the following three years. After graduating from USI, the co-op did not have a full-time position available. Disappointed, Carter took an HR position at a nearby manufacturing facility. The following year, the office manager called and said the REMC had added broadband fiber to its services and was hiring. Carter leaped at the opportunity and started as a member services representative. In 2021, the REMC had grown so much with its new fiber division that it pulled HR out of the office manager's duties and promoted Carter as the first HR and benefits administrator. “HR, in general, is a rewarding job. You get to help people; you can learn about their families. Being at the co-op, where you’re not as big as a factory, we get that small town, family feel. It’s been a wonderful opportunity for me,” Carter said. “The small-town life is just superior to city life …. Everybody knows everybody. And that's one thing I love about the co-op: you're able to build so many relationships with the members.” In her HR position, Carter gathers and reviews all job applications, does phone screening, sets up and sits through interviews, offers positions and onboards new hires, does payroll, and more. One of her favorite duties is overseeing the intern program. “We’ve had a decent number of interns who have become full-time employees. That program means a lot to me because that’s how I started. I started when I was 18, and I learned how to do real life here. All the big moments in my life were here: I graduated high school, and then I got married and bought my first house,” she said. “Interns,” she continued, “just have such potential for a long career with a cooperative. And the amount of growth they are capable of, and the amount of growth you can see from them being a high school intern to a college intern to a full-time employee.”

  • Camp Kilowatt Recipient 2024

    Orange County REMC sponsors a student at Camp Kilowatt Orange County REMC sponsored one student at the annual Camp Kilowatt. The camp was held June 5-8, 2024, at Camp Tecumseh in Brookston, Indiana. Students entering seventh grade this fall were eligible to attend and were selected by their local cooperative to participate in the four-day program. The students’ agenda combined traditional outdoor camp activities with environmental education, electrical safety practices and cooperative business education. “This was a great way for students to learn about the role of the electric cooperative in their community. On top of that, they experienced all the fun of camp,” said Hope Matthew, Marketing & Communications Coordinator at Orange County REMC. The student representing Orange County REMC at Camp Kilowatt was Ella Guetig of Campbellsburg. The Camp Kilowatt program was developed by a committee of Indiana Electric Cooperative employees. It is funded in part by Indiana’s electric cooperatives, Hoosier Energy, Wabash Valley Power Alliance, Indiana Electric Cooperatives, and other industry partners.

  • 2024 Annual Meeting Highlights

    The Orange County REMC Annual Meeting, themed "Powering Resilience," took place on June 7, 2024, at the co-op's location north of Orleans on Highway 37. This year's event set a new attendance record with 534 registered members and a total of 1,352 attendees, including family members. The event featured a catered meal from Schnitzelbank, and members received a lawn chair as a gift. Attendees enjoyed live music by Kirby Stailey, adding to the festive atmosphere. Children were entertained with various activities, including a bounce house, obstacle course, airbrush face painting, and crafts. President Randy Roberts welcomed attendees and called the meeting to order. CEO/General Manager Matt Deaton introduced the board of directors. The board includes: Daniel Houchin (District 1) Randy Roberts (District 2) Danny Easterday (District 3) Brett Busick (District 4) Ben Lindsey (District 5) Brian Hawkins (District 6) George Key (District 7) Brian Hawkins presented the secretary/treasurer's report in Daniel Houchin's absence. Attorney John Paul Isom explained the voting procedures and announced that Hawkins was running unopposed and would retain his position for another three-year term. The District 3 board seat election featured three candidates: Carey Jenkins, Carl Anderson, and Brent Brown. After the votes were counted, Carl Anderson was elected as the new District 3 board member in replace of Danny Easterday. Deaton provided updates on the fiber project and announced that Orange County REMC currently services 12,300 members/customers on their network. Meter Technician Josh Coles highlighted how the co-op impacts the community and employees. Deaton recognized the ten employees and one director who have hit career milestones. Charles Hopper, Mason Webster, Ashley McDonald, Logan Laswell, Montana Roberts, and Braden Mitchell are employees with five years of service. Michael Newlin and Billy Chastain are employees with fifteen years of service. Ashley Terrell was recognized for twenty years of service. Lastly, Randy Roberts was recognized for thirty-five years of service. The event's success and record-setting attendance reflect the strong community engagement and the cooperative spirit that defines Orange County REMC. The theme "Powering Resilience" underscores the cooperative's commitment to providing reliable service and fostering resilience within the community. The meeting concluded with prize drawings donated by our generous local businesses and vendors: Kirby Hardware, John Jones Auto, Milsoft, Midwest Utility Supply, Pro Tree Care, Suddarth Realty, Brownstown Electric, P&C Contracting, Mid-Southern Savings Bank, FiberSmith, Indiana Electric Cooperatives, Dubois County Tire & Supply, Orange County Cutters Lawn Care, Superior Small Engines, Millennium, Springfield Electric, WBIW, United Utility Supply, Electricom, Lucas Indiana Realty, Mitchell Ben Franklin/Ace, Parr Richey, Eckarts, J & S Sportswear, NISC, Altec Supply, Brownstown Electric, Hoosier Hardware, Gray Company, Galloway Group, WUME, Cintas, Riley Oil Company, Monroe Shine, Redbud, Springs Valley Bank & Trust, and Power & Tel. Watch the Annual Meeting

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