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    Report an Outage Outage Tips Common Outage Causes Outages Outage Map Report Outage by Phone Report Outage by SmartHub How to Report an Outage Please be sure to keep your phone numbers updated so when you do call in the system will recognize your address and you won’t have to hold for a representative to report your outage. You can call 855-865-2229 or use SmartHub to report an outage. Outage Tips Check your breakers and fuses to ensure the problem is not within your system. Call Orange County REMC as soon as your power goes out. Do not rely on neighbors to call. Have an emergency kit ready. This kit should include items to get you by for a couple days should an emergency strike. See here for a list of items to keep in your kits . Never go near downed power lines! The lines may still be energized and are very dangerous. Limit the times you open the refrigerator or freezer. Food will remain frozen for up to 48 hours if the doors remain closed and the unit is in good working condition. Appliances and electronics are extremely sensitive to electrical spikes from lightning or other faults. If able disconnect from the electrical source. Outage Safety Common Outage Causes Weather Weather is probably the most well-known reason for power outages. It’s also the most common. Storms can knock down trees and tear down power lines and strong winds or flooding can damage co-op equipment. Wind and thunderstorms can be a cause for concern as well as a winter ice storm. ​ Animals Small animals also cause power outages. Squirrels, in particular, are notorious for climbing on electrical equipment and causing outages. Raccoons, foxes, possums, snakes and birds can also trigger disruptions. Even larger animals, such as bobcats, have been known to cause problems on electric poles. ​ Planned Outages Orange County REMC must make upgrades or provide routine maintenance to the electricity infrastructure. We will call those affected with the time they will be without power. It is important to keep all numbers updated. With planned outages you get the benefit of knowing the power will be out in advance, as well as an estimate for how long. ​ Follow Us on Facebook for Updates Ground Transformer Safety Ground-mounted utility boxes are not jungle gyms In almost every suburban neighborhood one can find one of those green boxes that are... Understanding Your Home's Electrical System Familiarize yourself with your home’s electrical system A lot of people won’t plug in their new TV or toaster without reading the... Powering Up After an Outage Pictured: Amos Murphy, Orange County REMC Journeyman Lineman. Powering up: Electric service is restored methodically to maintain safety... Fallen Lines Can be Deadly Don’t turn an accident with a utility pole into an electrical fatality Tens of thousands of accidents occur each year when power poles... 1 2 Safety Blog Posts


    HOME & BUSINESS TO YOUR BRINGING POWER & INTERNET SmartHub One Time Payment Pay Bill SmartHub Start/Stop Service Start/Stop Service Rebates Rebates Start/Stop Service Outages Mail Internet SPOTLIGHT STORIES 5 hours ago Utility Receipt Tax Repeal Consumers will no longer pay utility receipts tax Beginning July 1, Hoosiers will no longer have to pay the utility receipts tax, a... 2 days ago August 2022 CEO Message This summer we have experienced several strong storms that have brought down trees and caused outages. In those circumstances, here are... Jul 27 WhyElectrify Where to Get Answers for your Energy Questions Jul 25 July 2022 CEO Message Know the Signs of a Scam It’s no secret that consumers with a water, gas or electricity connection have long been targets for utility... 1 2 3 4 5 View More YOUR COOPERATIVE Orange County REMC has historically acted as an 'energy source' to spur economic growth in our communities and to create a better style of living. Today, we also help bridge the digital divide by meeting the current and future needs of our members by offering fiber optic internet. Bringing electricity and high-speed fiber internet to Orange County REMC members and the communities around them. BY THE NUMBERS 8,494 Installed Meters 1,122 Miles of Line 6,244 Electric Members 6,370 Fiber Customers 85 52 $561,808 Years of Operation Employees Amount Donated to Local Communities


    Internet Home Prices/Plans Service Area Tech Support FAQs Contact Us About Fiber Fiber-optics is the best technology in the world for delivering internet service to homes and businesses. Fiber Internet is 100x faster than anything else. ​ Entertainment Fiber allows you to seamlessly experience web browsing, HD video streaming, and online gaming without worrying about your connection slowing down, even nights and weekends when everyone is online . ​ Work From Home Work from home hassle-free. No more long waits to upload or send large files. Video conferencing made easy. ​ Streaming There are several advantage to having high-speed internet. One of the most popular activities is streaming online content to your television. ​ ​ Below we've listed some of the most common streaming devices, and linked "how to" videos, to help you set them up. Amazon Fire Stick Roku Chromecast Apple TV Flixed What People Say What I appreciate the most is the unlimited data usage. I had to be careful with my previous IP because I had limited data. I could get more if needed, for an extra charge, but I thought that was very unfair. Fiber is the way to go! As a remote employee, often working from home, I struggled with with poor unreliable cell and internet service. Orange County Fiber has eliminated all the issues I used to have. Very dependable and exceeds my expectation. It has opened a whole new world of using the internet compared to our old satellite and old 20Mb cable that we had many years. Incredibly fast (great bandwidth) and very reasonable price for all of this speed. Love it! R. Weaver D. Scare M. Addis Access to broadband internet through Orange Co Fiber has made my life much simpler. Paying bills online and shopping online is wonderful. My husband is enjoying gaming online as well. Our previous TV and Internet were both delivered via satellite. We would lose both when clouds formed. Now our service is consistent no matter what the weather. Fantastic service at a really good price. I am able to work from home without a hitch using Teams, Outlook, Jira and Qtest. W. Phillips D. Hess D. Jochnau

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  • Utility Receipt Tax Repeal

    Consumers will no longer pay utility receipts tax Beginning July 1, Hoosiers will no longer have to pay the utility receipts tax, a state-mandated tax on the sale of utility services. This tax elimination will annually put an estimated $28.5 million back in the pockets of 1.3 million Hoosiers served by the state’s 38 electric cooperatives. Orange County REMC consumers will save an estimated $241,329 annually from the repeal of this tax. The elimination of this state tax was made possible through the efforts of Indiana’s electric cooperatives advocating for their consumers and negotiating with the Indiana General Assembly to repeal this tax, ultimately saving money for each and every electric cooperative consumer across Indiana. “Orange County REMC works hard for you, our consumer-members, in our community and at the Indiana Statehouse,” said Matt Deaton, General Manager & CEO. “As the landscape continues to evolve, we want to ensure our consumers always have access to safe, reliable and affordable energy — now and for years to come.” Members will see this tax reduced on your bill as part of the Wholesale Power Cost Tracker on the August bill for July energy use. There is no action consumers need to take. This was made possible because of the efforts of Indiana’s electric cooperatives advocating for their consumer-members and negotiating with the Indiana General Assembly to repeal this tax, ultimately saving money for each and every electric cooperative member across Indiana.

  • August 2022 CEO Message

    This summer we have experienced several strong storms that have brought down trees and caused outages. In those circumstances, here are some common things we hear from our members: When the power goes out, how do Orange County REMC crews know where to start working? How do you know if an outage has been reported? We’ve got answers to these questions and more, and it all starts with a safe, efficient plan for power restoration. When the lights go out and it’s safe for our crews to begin the restoration process, they start by repairing power lines and equipment that will restore power to the greatest number of people in the shortest time possible. This process typically begins with repairs to the larger main distribution lines that service a great number of homes and businesses. After those repairs are made, crews work on tap lines, which deliver power to transformers, either mounted on utility poles (for above-ground service) or placed on pads (for underground service). Finally, individual service lines that run between the transformer and the home are repaired. We can’t control the weather, but we can prepare for it. Orange County REMC keeps a supply of extra utility poles, transformers and other equipment on hand so we can quickly get to work in the event of an outage. When widespread outages occur, multiple crews will be out in the field simultaneously working to repair damage at multiple locations. We also coordinate with nearby co-ops to bring in additional crews when necessary. A proactive approach to maintenance helps minimize the chance of prolonged outages; this is why you see crews periodically trimming trees and clearing vegetation near rights-of-way. We love trees too, but it only takes one overgrown limb to knock out power for an entire neighborhood. Trimming improves power reliability for our entire community. In addition to managing vegetation, we regularly inspect utility poles, power lines and other critical equipment to maintain a more reliable system. If you experience a power outage, don’t assume a neighbor reported it. It’s best to report the outage yourself, and we make it easy to do. The quickest way to report an outage is through our SmartHub app, or you can also call our outage reporting number 855-865-2229. If you have a medical condition that requires electrical equipment, please let us know, and always have a backup plan in place. Your plan could include a portable generator, extra medical supplies or moving to an alternate location until power is restored. If you plan to use a generator for backup power, read all safety information and instructions before use. Mother Nature can be unpredictable, but as a member of Orange County REMC you can feel confident knowing we’re standing by, ready to restore power as quickly and safely as possible. MATTHEW C. DEATON General Manager/CEO

  • WhyElectrify

    Where to Get Answers for your Energy Questions By: Hoosier Energy Hoosier Energy and its 18 member distribution cooperatives officially launched the WhyElectrify website,, on March 1. WhyElectrify is a one-stop resource to get answers for your energy questions. “There really was a lack of educational resources for member-consumers to learn about what’s happening in the industry, what’s happening with technology,” said Hoosier Energy Manager Energy Management Solutions Blake Kleaving. “Where do member-consumers go?” That question kicked off the process to develop WhyElectrify nearly two years ago. The informational site is filled with data and information on electricity use, energy efficiency and beneficial electrification. Infographics, articles, case studies, videos, links and more are designed to educate on topics like energy efficiency, beneficial electrification and power generation types such as solar, wind, hydro, natural gas and coal. Environmental stewardship is also a high priority with links to educational websites such as Energy Kids, Science Buddies, Science Fair Projects and more. “It’s not really about promoting specific programs, like a $50 rebate on electric lawn equipment. That’s not the goal,” Kleaving said. “It’s to educate the member about the technology itself — electric lawn equipment or heating and cooling technology or farm beneficial electrification — then direct them back to their local co-op for more information.” That two-way street approach without a sales pitch gives the member cooperatives confidence about referring member-consumers to the site. “At some point, we realized there are a lot of things about the electric grid to educate people on, so it’s best to have a one-stop shop for people to get actual information,” said Colin Mahoney, marketing and energy solutions specialist at WIN Energy REMC in Vincennes. “The site shows how electricity gets from the beginning to the end where they’re using it, which is helpful. It’s not just about energy efficiency but what cooperatives do, what Hoosier Energy does and how that all connects every time you flip on the lights.” WhyElectrify was designed with room to grow in the future, as well. “I think one of the largest pieces of our industry is that it is changing every day,” Kleaving said. “With this website, we don’t want to be static. We want to grow not only a library of resources but include what’s new and trending.” Learn more about Orange County REMC's Energy Saving Programs.

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