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Air Med Care

This service is offered through a partnership with Air Evac Lifeteam.

Orange County REMC has agreed to allow its monthly, residential customers the opportunity to join the Air Evac Lifeteam Program through an affordable, monthly billing plan of only $5.00 per household. This low fee can be added to your electric bill for convenient payment.


Air Evac Lifeteam provides fast, courteous emergency medical service. The professionally trained crews of nurses medics and pilots to operate medically equipped helicopters that rapidly transport patients who have suffered a critical illness or injury.

With over 70 bases serving 14 states, and the Orange County REMC area being served by 5 of those bases, Air Evac provides a much needed network of emergency medical service. Working with 911, local emergency medical crews and local hospitals Air Evac crews have flown over 100,000 patients since 1985.

If you would like to enroll in this service, print the form, complete it and send it with your next Orange County REMC payment. You can also drop off the completed form at the REMC office.

For additional information, contact Local Membership Coordinator Harry Mayle by calling (812) 508-4772 or visit

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