Frequently Asked Questions and answers for REMC members



Is there a fee to join the REMC? Yes, all new applicants pay a $25 refundable membership fee. If a person moves away after paying their final bill in full, the $25 fee is refunded.

Where do I mail my electric bill payment? You can mail your payment directly to PO Box 3169, Martinsville, IN 46151.

Is a security deposit required in order to obtain service from the REMC? A credit history is obtained on each applicant. Depending on the results, a security deposit equal to two months estimated billing may be required.

How much will it cost to have service installed? The cost is determined on a case by case basis. An REMC employee will meet with you at the proposed service location. He will give a binding cost estimate at that time.

When and Where is the REMC's next Annual Meeting? Annual Meeting is always held on the first Friday in June, at Paoli Jr./Sr. High School.

What is a facilities charge? The facilities charge is a component of all Orange County REMC rate schedules. The facilities charge covers a portion of the REMC's operating costs that are not related to the amount of energy consumed. Some examples of these costs are property tax, insurance, billing and metering.

What is a wholesale power cost adjustment tracker? A tracker is a mechanism that follows or “tracks” some unpredictable costs that a utility might incur in providing service to consumers.

  • What are these unpredictable costs? Utilities use trackers for various costs including fuel, environmental requirements and purchased power above estimated levels that are projected for a given period.

  • Why are these costs not included in the base rate? There are some costs that are not predictable and do not lend themselves to a fixed, known measure of rate-making. You may have read about extremely high wholesale power prices in California. Indiana experienced similar wholesale market fluctuations in the summers of 1998 and 1999, and at other times of high demand and short supply. These are circumstances that can’t be predicted and make it impossible to forecast market costs. Examples of these circumstances are extreme weather changes and when a utility’s generating unit is unexpectedly out of service for repairs and it is forced to purchase power on the wholesaler market to maintain power supply.

Why have I not received a disconnect notice? REMC does not provide separate disconnect notice. If you do not pay your electric bill, a disconnect notice will appear in the information section of your next month's bill. An added feature we recently implemented is contacting members via automated telephone calls prior to disconnection.

Can I have my payment withdrawn from my checking or savings account or pay with my credit card? Yes, we offer a free bank drafting service and we accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover. We can also accept a recurring credit card payment for your account. Payments are always processed on the 30th of each month. If the 30th falls on a Saturday, Sunday or holiday, payments are processed the following business day. Just print out this application form and return it to the REMC, indicating which type of automatic payment you prefer.

What are trip charges? The REMC charges a $25 fee for each trip to a home when it is necessary to disconnect a service for non-payment. There is an additional $25 fee charged for each trip to the home to reconnect the service once the prior balance has been paid. The charge to reconnect a service between 4:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. is $125. The REMC does not reconnect services after 5:00 p.m.

Is there a fee for return checks? Yes, there is a $20 fee for each returned check.

What happens if my check is returned for NSF and I wrote the check in order to avoid disconnection for non-payment? Any time a check is returned for NSF and was written to avoid meter disconnection for non-payment, the meter will be disconnected without notice.