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HVAC Tune-Up

Have you ever wished you’d known something was going to break down before it did? If you had known you might have been able to prevent it from happening. Getting your HVAC equipment tuned up each year not only ensures your equipment is running efficiently and saving you money on your electric bill, but could potentially catch any problems before they become more expensive problems.

To Qualify

  • One rebate per member account per calendar year.

  • HVAC unit must be located in a home served by Orange County REMC.

  • Unit must be 3 or more years old.

  • The tune-up must be performed by a licensed HVAC contractor and include detailed description of service performed on receipt/invoice.

  • Application must be filled out and signed by member.

  • Submission for rebates must be within 90 days of tune-up service in the same calendar year.

  • Rebate participation is subject to funding availability.

  • Rebate program ends Dec. 13, 2024, and is subject to change without notice.

  • Rebate may be mailed, brought to office, or emailed to

  • Read the full list of terms & conditions.


Call 812-865-2229 ext 2036


Heat Pump and Central Air

Gas furnaces are not eligible unless part of the central air system.

50% OFF UP TO $50

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