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As more people hear about the progress we're making in building a brand new fiber optic network to bring high-speed internet to rural Orange County and the communities around them, the biggest question they have is "How long before I have service?"

Even if you are in the area currently under construction, it still takes a little time from when you see our contractors working in your area, to the moment you have high-speed internet service. Here you will see the 6 basic steps that are performed by multiple contractors in the process of bringing high-speed internet to your home or business. We appreciate everyone's patience as we continue to work on this important project.


What I appreciate the most is the unlimited data usage. I had to be careful with my previous IP because I had limited data. I could get more if needed, for an extra charge, but I thought that was very unfair. Fiber is the way to go!

As a remote employee, often working from home, I struggled with with poor unreliable cell and internet service. Orange County Fiber has eliminated all the issues I used to have. Very dependable and exceeds my expectation.

It has opened a whole new world of using the internet compared to our old satellite and old 20Mb cable that we had many years. Incredibly fast (great bandwidth) and very reasonable price for all of this speed. Love it!

R. Weaver

D. Scare

M. Addis

Access to broadband internet through Orange Co Fiber has made my life much simpler. Paying bills online and shopping online is wonderful. My husband is enjoying gaming online as well.

Our previous TV and Internet were both delivered via satellite.   We would lose both when clouds formed.  Now our service is consistent no matter what the weather.  Fantastic service at a really good price.

I am able to work from home without a hitch using Teams, Outlook, Jira and Qtest.

W. Phillips

D. Hess

D. Jochnau

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