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Home Phone Service - VoIP

Voice Over Internet Protocol


per month

Enjoy crystal-clear calling with home phone service from Orange County Fiber. Our landline phone service allows you to make and receive calls from your home. Plus, you get the Orange County Fiber customer service you know and count on.

Pair with your fiber or home security service for a bundle discount.

  • When will service be available in my area?
    Orange County Fiber is in the second year of a 4-year construction project. Use this link for an interactive map of the schedule, and areas where fiber is being offered.
  • I see contractor working in my area. How long before I have internet?
    Even when you see crews working in your area, there are still several steps in the process of installing fiber optics, and getting high speed internet to your home or business. Here is an explanation of those steps.
  • How can I change my fiber plan?
    The easiest way to get your plan changed is to call the office at 812-865-2229 or 1-888-337-5900.
  • Is there an installation fee?
    There is no installation fee if you schedule your pre-drop WHILE we are working in your zone.
  • What are the payment options?
    Payment options for our high-speed fiber-optic services are: SmartHub App, Pay-By-Phone, mail a check or visit the office to pay by cash, check or card.
  • Are there data limits?
    No, there are no data limits for any of the fiber packages.
  • When I submit my paperwork, is that commiting me to your service (like a contract)?"
    No, however completing the application is necessary to receive Orange County Fiber service. The application is only sent so that the installation process moves quickly. If you decide to not get our services, your application, if completed, will be discarded.
  • When is the first payment?
    Since the fiber service is billed a month a head, the first month is expected to be paid before installation begins.
  • What can you do with each speed?
    Click here to see what speed you need.
  • If I sign up for VOIP phone service, can I keep my phone number?"
    Yes, if your phone provider allows a transfer of service.
  • What is included with VOIP phone service?
    Caller ID, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, local and long distance calls inside the U.S.
  • Can I make international phone calls with VOIP phone service?
    Yes, but there will be a fee based on the area you are calling.
  • Do I need a special phone for the VOIP phone service?
    No, you can use your existing home phone(s).
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