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NetSurf Bill Pay

Former Netsurf USA Customers:

Use this link to log-into your account and pay your bill on line. NetsurfUSA was acquired by Orange County Fiber on Aug. 1, 2018

About Fiber

Fiber-optics is the best technology in the world for delivering internet service to homes and businesses. Fiber Internet is 100x faster than anything else.

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Our Story

On January 11th, 2018, Orange County REMC’s Board of Directors unanimously made the progressive decision to obtain funding for a project that would provide high-speed broadband services over a fiber optic connection to all of its members.

Home Phone

Enjoy crystal-clear calling with home phone service from Orange County Fiber.

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The Fiber Team

Meet the fiber employees who work hard every day to bring you your service.

Lifeline Discount

Orange County REMC is committed to helping qualified low-income individuals pay for telephone or qualified internet services.

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Check Availability

Find out now what services are available to your home. Few our interactive map and enter your address.

Home Security

Take control of you home and your family's safety with Orange County Security.

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What People Say

What I appreciate the most is the unlimited data usage. I had to be careful with my previous IP because I had limited data. I could get more if needed, for an extra charge, but I thought that was very unfair. Fiber is the way to go!

As a remote employee, often working from home, I struggled with with poor unreliable cell and internet service. Orange County Fiber has eliminated all the issues I used to have. Very dependable and exceeds my expectation.

It has opened a whole new world of using the internet compared to our old satellite and old 20Mb cable that we had many years. Incredibly fast (great bandwidth) and very reasonable price for all of this speed. Love it!

R. Weaver

D. Scare

M. Addis

Access to broadband internet through Orange Co Fiber has made my life much simpler. Paying bills online and shopping online is wonderful. My husband is enjoying gaming online as well.

Our previous TV and Internet were both delivered via satellite.   We would lose both when clouds formed.  Now our service is consistent no matter what the weather.  Fantastic service at a really good price.

I am able to work from home without a hitch using Teams, Outlook, Jira and Qtest.

D. Jochnau

W. Phillips

D. Hess