Bringing High-Speed, Fiber Optic Internet to Your Community  


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NetsurfUSA was acquired by Orange County Fiber on Aug. 1, 2018

When can I get fiber?

As more people hear about the progress we're making in building a brand new fiber optic network to bring high-speed internet to rural Orange County, the biggest question they have is "How long before I have service?"

This is a multi-phase project, and we are now starting Phase III. However, even if you are in the area currently under construction, it still takes a little time from when you see our contractors working in your area, to the moment you have high-speed internet service. Here you will see the 6 basic steps that are performed by multiple contractors in the process of bringing high-speed internet to your home or business.


PLEASE NOTE: when we are at Steps 2 and 6, Orange County Fiber will contact you. There is no need to contact us to keep the process moving. We appreciate everyone's patience as we continue to work on this important project.



Want to know where we are currently installing fiber, and our plan for expansion? This map shows our progress and plans for our 4-phase construction project.




Phase III - Current Construction:

  1. Make Ready Complete. Mainline construction began in March. Estimated completion in May. Splicing and Testing to follow. Service installs to begin in June.

  2. Mainline construction complete. Currently constructing drops. Service installs to begin in April.

  3. Ready for service installs/currently installing.

  4. Ready for service installs/currently installing.


You can also use the link below to access our Interactive map of construction phases.