Rebates and Incentives

Orange County REMC offers member incentive programs which include payments to members who purchase qualifying equipment. These program payments will assist members in buying more efficient equipment to save money over the life of their purchase. Incentive payments will only apply to equipment installed and operating in the 2021 calendar year in homes or structures connected to Orange County REMC. Interpretation of qualifying equipment and installations is at the sole discretion of Orange County REMC.

Details of the program are listed on the incentive payment request form (PDF).

NOTE: To use your computer to type in the fields of this form,1.) click on the link.

2.) save the form to your computer 3.) complete the form with all the correct information 4.) click the "Submit" button on the last page of the document. This will allow you to email the form back to Orange County REMC.

You may also just print off the form, fill in the info by hand, and return it to the REMC.

Please also download and read the Terms and Conditions (PDF) for the program.


Please compete all the requested information, sign it and submit it with the proper documentation.


A short summary of the 2021 programs is listed below, but you will need to download the rebate request form to get all the details and conditions for each rebate. Contact the Orange County REMC office for more information, or if you have trouble downloading the payment request forms. Email us, or call (812) 865-2229 or toll free (888) 337-5900.

Deadline for 2021 Rebates is December 15, 2021.
Rebates are for permanent residences only, which are occupied year-round
(12 months).


Air Source Heat Pump, Dual Fuel, Mini-split Heat Pump

Incentives are available for residential single-family homes, including condominiums. Residential heating/cooling incentives are limited to two per primary residence. (Multi-family incentives are administered through a separate, commercial/industrial program since equipment is purchased and owned by the building owner.)

Several of the details and requirements of our program have changed, so be sure to check with us before purchasing your equipment. Residential rebate options include:

$750 (dual/variable/multi-speed compressor)

  • Air-Source Heat Pump

  • Dual fuel Heat pump

  • Ductless mini split heat pump


$800 (single-speed compressor)

  • Heat pump replacing electric heating


$1,500 (dual/variable/multi-speed compressor)

  • Heat pump replacing electric heating


$1,500 Geothermal Heat Pump

  • Incentive requires a desuperheater or “hot water assist” for new installation geothermal systems when an electric resistance water heater is utilized


Congress recently reinstated federal tax credits of up to 30 percent for residential geothermal heat pump installations. These tax credits are retroactive to Jan. 1, 2017 and extended to Jan. 1, 2022. 

To claim your tax credit; Click here for Instructions and Click here for Form 5695


  • New Construction or Replacing Gas         FREE 

​​​​(Orange County REMC will provide a FREE 40 or 50 gallon electric resistance water heater.)

  • $150 Rebate if purchased elsewhere. Documentation for proof of purchase required.

  • Heat pump or hybrid water heaters:          $500

    • ​Minimum 40 Gallon

  • Recommend Tier 2 or higher rating on NEEA’s Advanced Water Heater qualified products for northern climates --

Click here for water heater prices from Orange County REMC

​ *Mobile/Manufactured Homes are defined as:

  • Factory assembled; Transportable; Designed for transportation on own chassis; Can be placed on temporary or permanent foundation; Intended for year-round occupancy

  • Note: Modular homes do not meet these requirements. Modular homes are considered residential single family homes.