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Residential HVAC

Did you know most people spend up to 48% of their energy bills on heating and cooling, making that the largest energy expense in most homes? Upgrading your HVAC system to a newer energy-efficient heat pump system may seem expensive, but when you factor in the lower running cost, less maintenance and longer lifespan, you will see a quicker return on your investment and save money for many years. For more information on heat pumps, be sure to visit

To Qualify

  • Must be installed in a home served by OCREMC.

  • Heat pumps are for whole-home installations only with exception of the Single-Room Mini-Split Heat Pump.

  • An AHRI Certificate must accompany the application and invoice to be qualified. You can obtain the AHRI certificate from your contractor or from the manufacturer. Find your AHRI Certification.

  • Limit of two (2) rebates allowed per member account per useful life of rebated equipment.

  • Submission for rebates must be within 90 days of installation in the same calendar year.

  • Incentive amount can not exceed 50% of equipment cost.

  • Rebate program ends Dec. 13, 2024, and is subject to change without notice.

  • Rebate may be mailed, brought to office, or emailed to

  • Read the full list of the terms & conditions.


Call 812-865-2229 ext 2036


Air Source and Dual Fuel Heat Pump

Tier 1​

SEER2 rating 14.3 - 15.3

HSPF2 rating ≥ 7.6

Tier 2

SEER2 rating 15.4 - 17.2

HSPF2 rating ≥ 7.6

Tier 3

SEER2 rating 17.3 & up

HSPF2 rating ≥ 7.6




Mini-Split Heat Pump

Whole Home

SEER2 rating ≥ 17.3

HSPF2 rating ≥ 7.6

Single Room

SEER2 rating ≥ 17.3

HSPF2 rating ≥ 7.6



Geothermal Heat Pump

No minimum SEER2 rating


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