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Image by Derek Thomson

Surge Protection

Service Entrance Device

Lease for $7 per month with a 3-year minimum

Today's homes and businesses have more sensitive electronic equipment than ever. From computers to stereos, televisions, microwaves and even coffee pots, electronic devices are present in high quantity. These devices make our lives easier, but, due to their delicate circuitry, they are all susceptible to damage from voltage surges.


Orange County REMC offers a Service Entrance Device as a first line of defense. It provides protection for your entire electrical system, including components that cannot be connected to a point-of-use device, such as outlets and light fixtures and switches. Mounted on your meter, when a surge travels down the electric lines, these devices act as a "clamp" to surge to reduce its power. This piece of equipment will sacrifice itself, rather than allowing a surge to pass through.

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