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March 2022 CEO Message

What does it mean to serve?

In one of the most notable inaugural speeches given, John F. Kennedy spoke his famous words, “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” His inspiring words urged Americans to take actions that benefited the greater good. In essence, Kennedy was saying our country thrives when we all contribute our talents to the common good.

On a smaller scale, I think the same can be said about our co-op, specifically with regard to our board members. Orange County REMC’s board members are community-minded individuals with a variety of skill sets. They are members just like you, and have a wide range of business experience. We rely on their many talents to help us make informed decisions on long-term priorities and investments. Our directors live right here in the co-op’s service area, and we consider them the eyes and ears of the community because they provide their perspective on important community issues.

Serving on Orange County REMC’s board means making a difference locally, using individual talents and perspective to guide big decisions about the co-op that in turn benefit the larger community. While day-to-day decisions are made by co-op staff, major decisions are made by the board, whose mission is to look out for the vitality of the co-op and the community it serves. On a granular level, Orange County REMC board members typically provide input and guidance on:

  • budgets

  • co-op goals and direction

  • co-op’s community/charitable contributions

  • capital investments and upgrades in equipment and technology

  • renewable investments and energy mix

  • co-op’s role and involvement in economic development

Orange County REMC’s board elections will be held in June. REMC members have the opportunity to submit a petition to run for a seat on the board, or vote for other members to fill that role. To learn more about Orange County REMC’s director election process and 2022 details, please see the information on the next page.


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