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Operation Round Up July 11, 2022

Each month, members who wish to participate in Operation Round Up can have Orange County REMC automatically round their electric and/or fiber bills to the next highest dollar. The amount contributed by each member is less than a dollar a month and will average about $6 a year. Those extra few dollars from our members can have a large impact on groups and organizations making a big difference in our community. In the most recent meeting of the the Operation Round Up board of trustees, six local organizations received grants. Details of the funds awarded are listed below.

Orleans Municipal Fire Department received $1,000 for a hose rack.

Huron Baptist Church Community Park received a $1,490 grant to purchase fence materials.

Orange County Cancer Patient Services, Inc. received a $1,500 grant to purchase gas cards.

Growing Resilient Rams received $1,000 to fund its coping skills program.

The Betterment Committee of Campbellsburg, Inc. received a $1,500 grant to purchase basketball goals.

West Washington Youth League received $2,000 to purchase safety caps for football players.

If you are part of a school group, community organization, fire department, first responder group, 4-H club or other local non-profit and would like to apply for an Operation Round Up grant, go to and look under the “Community” menu to download an application and grant guidelines.


Awarded in July 2022: $8,490

Grand Total since 2003: $570,298.23


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