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Orange County REMC Hosts Electric Overhead and Underground Safety Line Training

Orange County REMC successfully hosted an extensive electric safety training on May 16, 2024, focusing on electric overhead and underground line safety. This critical training session aimed to enhance local service providers' and emergency responders' knowledge and skills in handling incidents involving power lines, such as car crashes with poles or farm equipment accidents.

The event, held at the Orange County REMC, was attended by over 100 participants from various sectors including tree trimming services, police departments, fire departments, town employees, EMS, and highway departments.

Matt Deaton, General Manager and CEO of Orange County REMC, opened the training with remarks emphasizing the importance of safety and preparedness in the community. "Understanding the risks and knowing the proper safety protocols can save lives and prevent serious injuries," Deaton stated.

Michael Newlin, Foreman Lineman at Orange County REMC, and Chris Gearld from Indiana Electric Cooperatives (IEC) led comprehensive sessions covering key safety topics. These included steps to take if one comes into contact with a downed powerline, the critical need to stay alert to surroundings, and specific safety measures in the event of vehicle collisions with power poles or farm equipment entanglements with power lines.

A highlight of the training was a live hotline demonstration conducted by Mike Duke and Travis Thorlton, both journeyman linemen. This demonstration provided attendees with a vivid understanding of the dangers associated with live power lines and the meticulous care required in such situations.

The training session not only provided vital knowledge and hands-on experiences but also reinforced the collaboration between Orange County REMC and local services in ensuring community safety and resilience.

For more information about future training sessions or safety tips, please contact Orange County REMC.


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