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Where to Get Answers for your Energy Questions

By: Hoosier Energy

Hoosier Energy and its 18 member distribution cooperatives officially launched the WhyElectrify website,, on March 1.

WhyElectrify is a one-stop resource to get answers for your energy questions. “There really was a lack of educational resources for member-consumers to learn about what’s happening in the industry, what’s happening with technology,” said Hoosier Energy Manager Energy Management Solutions Blake Kleaving. “Where do member-consumers go?”

That question kicked off the process to develop WhyElectrify nearly two years ago. The informational site is filled with data and information on electricity use, energy efficiency and beneficial electrification. Infographics, articles, case studies, videos, links and more are designed to educate on topics like energy efficiency, beneficial electrification and power generation types such as solar, wind, hydro, natural gas and coal. Environmental stewardship is also a high priority with links to educational websites such as Energy Kids, Science Buddies, Science Fair Projects and more.

“It’s not really about promoting specific programs, like a $50 rebate on electric lawn equipment. That’s not the goal,” Kleaving said. “It’s to educate the member about the technology itself — electric lawn equipment or heating and cooling technology or farm beneficial electrification — then direct them back to their local co-op for more information.”

That two-way street approach without a sales pitch gives the member cooperatives confidence about referring member-consumers to the site.

“At some point, we realized there are a lot of things about the electric grid to educate people on, so it’s best to have a one-stop shop for people to get actual information,” said Colin Mahoney, marketing and energy solutions specialist at WIN Energy REMC in Vincennes. “The site shows how electricity gets from the beginning to the end where they’re using it, which is helpful. It’s not just about energy efficiency but what cooperatives do, what Hoosier Energy does and how that all connects every time you flip on the lights.”

WhyElectrify was designed with room to grow in the future, as well.

“I think one of the largest pieces of our industry is that it is changing every day,” Kleaving said. “With this website, we don’t want to be static. We want to grow not only a library of resources but include what’s new and trending.”

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